Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Dancer & Vixen

Two of Santa's reindeer have arrived at Grouse Mt. to hang out until Christmas. I had the great pleasure of meeting them today, and taking Dancer for a walk around the mountain. They are beautiful, gentle creatures, and so well adapted for the cold weather.

We walked past the bear den where Coola and Grinder are hibernating for the winter. It was odd to think of them in there, sleeping, day after day, without eating anything. There are times when I think that might be a nice way to pass the winter, when the days are short, dark and wet. And what a great way to shed a few pounds! But then I think about what I'd miss: the cozy fires, the beauty of the snow on the mountains and how the Christmas season is so full of sparkle and goodwill and I realize that I wouldn't really want to sleep the winter away after all.

And now I have a couple new furry friends to hang out with one day a week. It makes the short days/long nights more 'bear'able.

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